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Mirian Atef

I never imagined that one day I would be able to carry such heavy weights. Karen is a brilliant determined trainer. She helped me increase my whole body’s strength. I can now feel and see the transformation in my whole body. My arms and legs were so weak, but now with her guidance and help I can lift heavy weights. My group exercise with my friends and Karen is so enthusiastic and fun. It makes me challenge myself and try to achieve better goals. Even though the sessions are tough, I always look forward to the following one.

July 2014


Georgie McCauley

I have been training with Karen for approximately 2 months and I can confirm that the physical appearance that she has helped me create is the best I have ever had. Karen is not only dedicated and motivated but also has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to nutrition and tailor-making workouts to each individuals specific needs. Her enthusiasm and ability to motivate comes unmatched.  She comes highly recommended and is a true inspiration to me. I am grateful for the transformation she has helped me achieve and I look forward to reaching greater levels and goals with her.

July 2014


Vicky Sanderson

Just want to say what an inspiration you are! As a novice of pushing myself to the limits I never thought in a million years I could achieve what I have in such a short time! The energy high and determination to reach my own goals. Looking forward to achieving them with you by my side!

Dec 2013


Lamia Salem

I trained with Karen Gunning, for over a year and that was a turning point in my fitness life. In just few months I was already getting stronger and fitter and felt soooo good. I was doing functional training as well as weight training and was pushed to do my best by a wonderful trainer. Thank you Karen for being an inspiration in my life and a great trainer

Dec 2013


Suzana Manser

Hey Karen, thanks for being my training coach and adviser. I look forward to every session as they are as much fun as they are hard work.

I am sure 2014 will continue as 2013 is ending – training hard and seeing positive results!

Dec 2013


Many thanks to Karen Gunning for her support. She had a great impact on me achieving my goal! It awesome to share this moment with you chick!xx

Apr 2013


Chelsee Beyga

Thank You so Much for the past year. Not only has my body gained great benefits from training with yourself but i have also gained a true friend… What I love about your training style is it is always different and no 2 sessions are the same. You read me very well and know when to push me when I am being lazy and you know I genuinely am buggard, Still that being said you are never too easy on me! Your nutrition and motivation tips are always spot on and I know that I will get a quick response from you whether its a breakfast choice or a kick up the ass to go do a workout. 2014 is definitely going to be a turning point for me and my body and I do hope you will play a big part in that and help me reach my goals, which i have no doubt that you will. Too much love for you K, thank you.. Bring on 2014!! X

Dec 2013

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