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This is still in the very early stages and we will update you when we have our final system in place.

This is a sytem to give back to you as an inspiring, motivating or leaders in the Health and Fitnesss scene in the Middle East.

You are the ones recommending services amd particular brands or products and should be rewarded for your referrals!!



For now if you would like like to sign up and recieve benefits from those confirmed and ready to reward you then please email me the following details at

Your name

Your Job

What you do to have an influence on others in the Health and Fitness world

Your contact Number


And we will get your email as you send. If you’d like to register another email send that to me also.

Look forward to sending you your rewards!


Karen Gunning

One Response to INCENTIVE program

  1. marla says:


    I wanna ask if you have any classes like zumba, salsa or belly dancing.
    If so, kindly send me the schedule and prices.



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