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If you want be the best, you have to be trained by the best!!!!! Proof is in the pudding. Karen you are unreal. Great training partner, nutrition and hard work! I could not have done this without you – Karen gunning. Superstar nutritionist, Trainer, Motivator and best friend


Where do I start? I have always lifted weights or been involved in sport one way or another. For the past few years my time has been more focused towards bodybuilding however, achieving the lean, ripped physique I admired so much was always out of my reach. I decided to work with Karen after seeing the results she had managed with a good friend of mine Dave Roberts. After a quick chat over coffee about my personal goals and experience so far, Karen had a good idea of how we would move forward. Week one was a shock, both in the change of diet and approach to training. Previously lifting heavy with plenty of rest my body was now working for what felt like a two hour circuit in the gym. For the first week training so differently was very tough but having Karen with me ensured I pushed through and remained focused. Throughout the first 10 days Karen would contact me two or three times a day to see how my body was feeling and reacting to the change in diet. This proved invaluable as my digestive system was struggling with some of the foods. During those days Karen adapted the original nutrition plan to suit how my body was processing the food and I immediately began to feel confident that I could manage the plan comfortably. The next few weeks saw huge changes in fitness levels, body fat percentage and definition. We ran into a few problems, a major issue with my water retention and some leg injuries that prevented me from training legs in one session. Again Karen was straight onto these and they were managed before any negative effect occurred. The final week and days leading up to my photo shoot were by far the hardest part of the program. I had never attempted this before so I had no idea what to expect and absolutely no idea how hard it would be. Having Karen at my side the entire time was incredible, no matter what time of the day she was at the end of the phone either for advice or simply for motivation. The day of the shoot was indescribable, I was exhausted, happy, and proud, I felt almost every emotion possible that day and I’m so glad Karen was there to share it with me. I had spent years trying to achieve the body I wanted and in just seven weeks Karen has made my dream come true. All I brought with me was commitment and determination, she did the rest. Her experience in competition, nutrition and training allows her to provide exceptional programs for her clients. Karen’s dedication to her work and the goals of her clients is outstanding. I find it hard to describe how much I have enjoyed my time working with Karen and how professional she has been throughout the entire transformation. If you have the commitment, Karen will give you the body you want. Thank you so much Karen x Rob Grimshaw



I am one of those people who has always been exercising yet never achieved the results i aspired for. In 12 weeks , under Karen’s guidance , motivation and ass kicking we managed to achieve results i always aspired for . Now i am looking froward to phase ……….bring it on 😉

Hey Karen, thanks for being my training coach and adviser. I look forward to every session as they are as much fun as they are hard work. I am sure 2014 will continue as 2013 is ending – training hard and seeing positive results Dec 2013 Many thanks to Karen Gunning for her support. She had a great impact on me achieving my goal! It awesome to share this moment with you chick! Apr 2014



Wooohooo. I did it. I accomplished my goal. 9 weeks ago I challenged myself to transform my body through exercise and clean eating with the guidance and support of Karen Gunning Wbff Figure. I’ve always loved the gym and been into fitness but never quite had the body I dreamed off.7 days a week in the gym, picking up weights, doing circuits, skipping, HITT workouts weren’t showing the results I wanted. I wondered how these fitness models on the covers of magazines got those chiseled abs and definition and it frustrated me why I wasn’t seeing what I felt I deserved. I contacted Karen Gunning Wbff Figure for her expertise and guidance. Karen Gunning Wbff Figure guided me through this journey with a diet and exercise plan. Surely enough with clean eating and working out two hours a day I saw myself dropping fat rapidly.I used weekly pictures to document my progress and the evidence was clear. My shape changed drastically and whilst losing fat I could see my strength and muscle mass increasing.Seeing this transformation just motivated me to push even harder, stay focused, disciplined and determined to reach my goal. My biggest strength and motivator was my husband Bill who was so patient and encouraging always offering, clean cooked meals, lol, comforting words, hugs and reassurance when I was having an off day. My friends from the gym were also great with pushing me and making me believe I could do it.To miss out on social gatherings, not go out for dinner with friends…to not ever eat pizza or burgers or fries….and all those yummy things that bring simple joy was the hardest of all yet only NOW I can say true lay worth the sacrafise. The ride has been exhilarating- working hard- seeing results- working harder- seeing better results! faster results! I went from 20% body fat down to 13% and dropped from 55kg to 48kg.Its been a great learning curve…. I now know so much more about diet and clean eating than I ever have. My most valuable lesson of all being that “abs are made in the kitchen and not the gym” My misconception of thinking since I trained hard everyday, I could allow myself the privilege to eating what and as much as I pleased was my Biggest mistake!!!! Lack of awareness of clean eating and portion control was my downfall all these years… the past month I have looked the best I ever have in my life. So I think after All this hard work i can’t just keep it? It kills me to think once you build something you can’t just relax and bask in all the glory. Well at least not for too long. Maintaining this look will be tough so I guess it becomes the next phase of my challenge. The body is smart and it doesn’t like losing weight all the time and it becomes efficient in figuring out how to keep fat even when your workouts and diet are nuts. So the need for change in workouts, diet, carb cycling, all that stuff… To surprise the body is the next challenge! Thank you Karen Gunning Wbff Figure . You kicked my ass. X


You are the bomb! I’m 40 years old and in the best shape of my life as the journey continues to my next goal. My wife and I can’t thank you enough for all your guidance, expertise and patience from start to finish. I’ve been training in the gym regularly for almost 25 years and like most guys out there I wanted to load up the Leg Press, Bench the heaviest dumbbells and fill out the sleeves of my T-Shirt until it couldn’t stretch anymore! Over the years I’d read all the latest magazines on training and nutrition but the progress in the mirror never matched all the hard work and energy I was putting into the gym. I always new that diet was important, even more so than lifting weights in the gym. I was even convinced of my “healthy” choices when it came to eating. Until I met Karen! Little did I know that I was eating way too much of the wrong foods at the wrong times and in the wrong ratios. I had always thought I needed lots of food, especially Carbs, to get through my workouts and pack on the muscle. Along comes Karen as she turns our training and diets upside down…. As you can see from my before and after photos, I almost look “bigger” than I did before. Certainly better. I had cuts and crevasses appearing out of nowhere as well as muscles I never knew were hiding beneath all that fat! Thank you Karen! We can never go back to our lifestyle of before and thoroughly enjoy eating “properly” as we try new and exciting recipes all the time. It wasn’t an easy journey, but it was the most rewarding thing we’ve ever done together. It was exciting to see our bodies change from week to week over the course of just 2 short months. Again, a million thanks from both of us…












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